A Good Articles for Badminton Players


In simplied chinese, this article explained a few myths and facts for badminton players, especially the recreational players.

If you cannot read chinese, you can use some online translation site.


Good Clear

Forehand or backhand, all you needed is a good clear. The diagram illustrated how to tell a good clear from the regular:

See how a clear is good
A good clear stroke

波品 The Attitude


To play badminton, you have to have a right attitude, to play any game, you need the right attitude and to do anything, like being a person, you absolutely need to have the right attitude, the secret is purely that simple. But when execute it, not at all.

Being successful (if anyone wants), attitude is the key. Nothing can claim for it.

A vblog can lead you to the thinking of this secret:


Even though it is not about badminton but to lead in whatever area or organization, you need someone or something to succeed, otherwise who is doing the leading?