Google Cantonese Input Method Illustrated

A friend of mine asked about Google’s Cantonese Input Method. This is and this will be what I can tell him and hopefully all others:

compare google's cantonese input with pcwong's cantonese input
Google’s cantonese Input method compared

Google’s cantonese input is relatively simple and I will say that it is not a complete solution. Good for fast input communication only if you can pronounce the chinese character in cantonese with English alphabets. If you do not know the cantonese spelling or for many academically used characters, it is no way to get one you want. For many learners and others with different background knowledge, I would say my cantonese input design is more all rounded. You can input using English meaning/words, or using cantonese vowels,  either in English or Chinese or using chinese radicals and finally using jyut ping developed by Language Society of Hong Kong. It may not be the fastest but will be complete and the inputing speed varies depending on your skill level.