Respect is something that you cannot ask for and definitely is something that you cannot demand it. This “respect" is like “money" as far as I see it because “repect" is precious and sometimes more valuable than money. You can earn your “respect" and I can earn my “respect" and there is no guarantee that the other side will be given to you or me willingly.

Another entity or object is WISDOM. Nobody can have it but it is something that other people grant it to someone. When I see someone doing something that I can say that he has wisdom but he won’t admit that. I can never say I have the wisdom because I am just ordinary human being. I find it funny when someone admits that he has wisdom. But for those religion founders, they probably are. They can motivate so many people.

Lastly is the object BEAUTY. It is a complimentary entity. It is also relative. So that means it is NOT ABSOLUTE. Everyone has a different way or measure  to talk about or to evaluate. No one can claim himself or herself beautiful but he or she is complimented with the word BEAUTY. And of course, " beauty" can be external or internal.