Cantonese Input enhancement

I finally like to name my cantonese input system as 字弦輸入法
The meaning is to say the input method is based on the sound of the character but the rythme is to say the input is a natural way. 字弦 sounds like ‘natural’ in cantonese. In context it means “word 字 sound弦".
Other than that, I have these version 3 to have the mouseover the characters in the top menu to show or display the set of characters which has the  syllables of the same consonant but on mouse click of the character in the menu will save the character immediately to the character input box. This allows rapid character entry for commonly used characters which are the basic idea of having the typical or key characters to represent all the sounds or syllables.
Another enhancement is to change the typical characters representing the consonant based on the scrolling of the scroll wheel of the mouse. This interface can speed up the looking for other typical consonant characters for selection.

cantonese input version 3

This version of cantonese input can be found from this link: