New features added in Cantonese Input/Selection System

I have just modified the system to bypass the 由頭嚟 and 儲起佢 button. The original design is to make sure the selected character is stored in the target_div designed which is a temporary storage. If you move away from the page, it will be lost. So I added the function to 儲起佢 meaning store the selected characters into the cookie and when leave a page, the selected is not lost. 由頭嚟 is to start from the beginning, meaning this temporary storage will be cleaned.

This procedure will make the user confused and therefore I decided to bypass it in a way once the character is selected, it is stored through the temporary div and into the cookie with the character shown in the cooky div. It is like automatic storage. No need to hit the button. User can still clean up the storage if desired.

As the editing feature is added, user can add and delete characters entered in the cooky div and the content will be updated in the cookie.

Another feature added is allow user to retrieve what has entered as many entries tends to repeat and it provide easy access to what have previously entered. Filtering feature is added to remove redundancy. Only unique entries will be allowed to be selected into the content desired. The button is labelled with 再用字 button.

Please test drive it at: