Translate these..

I saw the fashion shop in a mall saying “OOh! Ahh! Wow!" which can be translated to chinese: “噢! 呀! W抝!". Because there is no chinese character with syllables “Wow" but the vowel “ow" sounds like “抝" so “Wow" can be spelled with characters “W抝".

Everyone can speak perfect cantonese if you can say “OOh! Ahh! Wow!". The next step is to understand the meaning of “OOh! Ahh! Wow!" = “噢! 呀! W抝". 噢! 呀! are same as what the sounds meant, just expressing the “suprise!". 噢 can have the hidden meaning of knowing, understanding or accepting. 澳 sounds exactly as 噢 and if it combines with 洲 (jou) = 澳洲 which is the name of Australia. You can see chinese characters has embedded sound. 呀 expresses the suprise and it has 口 the mouth and 牙 the teeth together to tell you how the “Ahh" is pronounced. That is the beauty of chinese, specifically the cantonese. 抝 is to bend or to argue. All these can have a high tone when they are voiced.