I was listening to the music by Sam Hui called 搵野做. In english, it means to find a job. The song is to encourage young people to be more ambituous, find something to do and to be successful.

There is no debate or argument about encouraging young people to be active, work to be successful. Everyone wants to be a leader, wants to be rich, wants to be famous and wants to be in charge of something, especially their lives.

To have a goal is better than having no goal. There are many people live in poor and because they have no goal, they rely on other people, rely on welfare and rely on donations. Well, there are of course people who have tried and they cannot pursue their goal, but blaming on other or society may not be a good solution.

Can we tell the difference of someone who tries to achieve their goal and someone who did not try to achieve their goal?

For those who tried hard and succeeded, I hope that they will not forget the mission of being successful. You are the role model, be proud of it. Be also humble and don’t be greedy.