Don’t take things for granted..

After over a month bearing with the pain over hip, leg, back, tendon and like dying, I have a philosophy that painless is something I cannot take it for granted.

We just assumed and took everything for granted. Health, wealth, power, food, joy, and everything, we do take them for granted. We will treasure them when we lose them. When I felt the deadly pain, I looked back at the time without it, I feel that I was so fortunate that there are time when I did not have it (the pain). I do not know why the pain is so hard to stand and where does it come from, everything seems so normal when there is no pain. Here comes the time that I cannot move because if I move, just like lying on the bed, I use the tiny muscle and that is hurting badly already!!

When I find a position that is so nice and comfortable, I treasure it. Wow, here I have no pain.

However, that won’t be long. After a period of comfort, I try to rotate my body and the pain comes back!! Oops!!

After over a month’s on and off pain, bearing the pain, feeling the pain subsided, my frustration went and cofident came. I am getting better but who knows when the pain will come back again.

I told myself, don’t just take life easily, don’t take things are well or right for granted, be prepared for the worst, look forward that things will get better. Treasure the best moment that you can enjoy!!

God bless everyone!!!