Don’t take success for granted..

This is what I thought right after “don’t take things for granted.."

Everyone likes to be successful and not very many knows how to deal with failure.  “Success" and “Failure" are the pair of “Ying" and “Yang", they come together.

Don’t take success for granted because just like the great Tiger or any other top atheletes, they have worked so hard to achieve the top.  “Success" is not “Divined". My daughter helped me find a word to describe the meaning of “take something for granted’ or ‘assumed’. So I used this word “Divine" to replace “take it for granted".  You need to work for it. You may need to sacrify something else for it.

So if you are at the top, so what? Can you keep it as long as you want? You cannot take it for granted, because without working hard continuously, you will be challenged and no top atheletes can be at the top forever, a couple times are possible…

What would you do?  Helping others to achieve the top like you did is something most top atheletes would do. Being a coach, you will educate other to achieve what you have accomplished. This is the natural human cycle. Education is always hard, don’t take it lightly, don’t take success for granted, a life long journey has up and down… 人無千日好,花無百日紅。