I see the world is evolving, changing. Something like training.  Training can change people. In badminton, I have been trained and I felt I have learned a lot. Other than my daughters need their life long university education as their training, my niece also need her training to secure her better future.

Training, training and training. I am also put into training for the new way of teaching. Very interesting. All mankind seems to need the training to learn new skill to survive. As the world is matured in this century with all the materials that support us to live, enjoy, learn or doing whatever we want to do, how much skill we need to learn now to allow us to excel?

I saw so many training schools come up, tutoring center, vocational schools, expanded university programs. All of these help us improve the skill to make a living or better our living. Something happened to our economy, our environment, our education, our social structure and many many…  I thought of something that we, mankind, needed to be trained today. That is, personality, character, ethics. Every institution seems to aware of the importance of ethics, but how many institutions know how?

In ancient China, Confucious already taught us how. Things started from self, next to the family, next to institution or country and extend to everywhere.

This is my motivation of starting the training of personality with ethic in mind. In Chinese it will be called Yen Ga.