Don't eat the marshmallow yet..

My daughter showed me a very funny, interesting and inspiring video on TED:

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This is an interesting research and the result is inspiring.  I thought that the sample and the result gives us the idea of how important is education. May be we cannot do anything as the fact is that kids won’t lie but they are very likely influenced by their parents so that their behavior reflecting their thinking or the background or the environment that upbringing them.

Well, I know that it is impossible to have everybody to be leaders because if that were true, there will be no followers. To be successful, I beleive that everybody can because the term “success" is subjective, it depends on how you define it.

“Do what you like and like what you do" may be is my definition of “success". To fine tune the statement to “Able to do what you like and like what you can do" seems to be more exact.

These kids, most of them decided to eat the marshmallow right away is just the instinct that most of them want. Most people wants the immediate pleasure because their reason is based on the fact that no one know whether they can still enjoy it if they wait a little longer. It is not wrong, of course, but they do lack the understanding of importance of planning their future. That is why I think educating them is important. It is more important that they know the philosophy when they are grown up.

For those who can resist the temptation show their ability or their mind set by their parents. They know how to get the most to take advantage of the future reward.

One of the chinese fables has a similar story. It is not exactly the same in the idea. It is about a bunch of monkeys hate being treated with 3 fruits in the morning and 4 fruits in the evening. They like to be treated with 4 fruits in the morning and 3 fruits in the evening.

Everyone has their freedom to choose nowaday, in this democratic world. What is right decision and what is wrong decision?  Is it biased or is it fact that delaying the pleasure is a better way?  In my option, yes. Most people disagreed, I knew.

I just know that without self-displine, I will not be happy and will not be a good mankind.