Test Bank

The very basic test bank is developed. It took me about 2-3 weeks. It is also loaded to chorwong.com and pcwong.org and integrated with webapp in chorwong and YAWPS in pcwong to avoid messing up by some incredible people around the world.

To access chorwong.com’s version, use:  this

To access pcwong.org’s version, use: this

This version uses the simplest, the most basic requirement of a test bank which is just a collections of all questions and their answers.

Only multiple choices types of question, true or false, right or wrong types of question is targeted in this system because other types are ambiguous and not reliable and need manual or personal attention. It is good for practice as well as providing good understanding of the depth of the knowledge if the questions are designed with care and accuracy.

Any body of knowlege will start from right or wrong which is the philosopy of YING and YANG in I ching or Book of change which I truly believe. In digital world, 1 or 0 which embrace every possible information provided the number of bits used can go to infinity.

In the future, the bank can be categorized, weighted with points or scores, level of difficulties and others to be determined.

I hope that this system can be expanded to be used in many different areas.

It is free for anyone interested for the time being, just give me a shout.