Teach Your Children

At my age or this age, I feel that the most important task is to teach my children, your children, and actually our children.

I remember how my mother taught me. As she had gone, something that she taught me still being remembered clearly in my mind. I do not know when this was started but what she taught me engraved in my brain. She taught me and actually all her children, myself, brothers and sister: 無私 and 寬恕。 To say them in English, 無私 means “don’t be selfish" and actually should be “don’t bias" or in Chinese “不偏心"。寬恕 means “excuse other" or “tolerate other’s mistake"。 These two atitudes help moulding my character.

Actually so far I feel that these attitudes help me as these actually helps me feel better and enjoy my life. When I relate myself to all things around me, I will be more positive and accepting what I can accept and let go anything that I do not like. I accept truth and accept the mistake that I have made and the consequence that come with it.

I talked to my daughter one day and she said that when she was young and asked me to help on your school work, I made a mistake in teaching her and made her lost some marks. This bothered me. Yes, I made a mistake because the result had proven and I accepted and I learned as I did not do the kind of problem for a long time. That was no excuse. But I hope my daughter learn one thing. Take up the responsibility because when I help her with the question, I just want her to understand the logic or truth behind and then accept the learning. It is not me doing the work, it is she accepting my explanation and then submit her work. All the rights and wrongs are the result of showing her understanding. This is the main reason that I consistently remind my students that they should not just “believe" what I said. What I taught them is to “think".

Blind “beliefs" hurt.