Just a little bit too kind

Oh, I’m just a little bit too kind, baby
Just a little bit too kind to you
Don’t wanna break the break the peace outside us, baby
I’m just a little bit too kind

I don’t want anyone to be hurt, baby
I want no one to be worried for me
But as I take all these fruits away
The one who eats them all is me

The words were pouring out of my mind
They scream and shout and want to get out
No! No! No! No!
But all there is is silence

It breaks my heart inside me, baby
Since when was I so compliant to you
I have no inner balance
I say yes when I mean no

Perhaps it’s from my mother
Or the way I’ve been taught to act
It may be from my father
But I know it starts at home

I don’t know why I can’t say what’s on my mind
I really wish I could
I’m riddled with guilt for lying, baby
And I confess I’m angry with you

It should come to you with no surprise
That I didn’t blame myself
For when I’m blinded by my own deceit
The responsibility’s all on you

How I wish you would understand me
With no effort on my part
How I wish you would see beyond
The show that I put on

I shouldn’t contradict myself
I should say no when I’m unsure
I should listen to these feelings of mine
Not to submit to your control

Alas I’ve waited far too long
Before it dawned on me
The one to change cannot be you
But alone the choice’s on me

I ain’t going to be so kind no more
I’m taking myself back
I’ve got to draw myself some boundaries
And protect myself from your attack

You can go ahead and call me selfish
Sure, I am self-centered girl
But if I keep this anger bottled up
I’m sure to burn out soon

I’m not reaping the consequences
Of seeds which aren’t my own
I’m taking back my own responsibilities
And admit that I’m at fault

If you’re going to control me baby,
Going to try and pull the strings
If you’re going to try and guilt trip me, baby
My patience has worn thin

I have feelings you should know of, baby
The world revolves not around you alone
If you aren’t willing to change along with me
Then be off with you

I have dignity and self respect
I mean my every word
I act so not to harm myself
So then I can do good

I can stand up on my own
I fear abandonment no more
And I’m eternally grateful to you, baby
Because I now know how to forgive

Because I can be honest now
Because I can object
Because I glimpsed a bit of wisdom, baby
I know rejecting you is kind