Even the Greatest Love

Even the Greatest Love is tainted

I can make you stay here at my side
All the while in pain;
Or I could touch you sweetly in caress
And kiss it all away.

I don’t know when things got wrong,
When I couldn’t control my anger or my fear.
I don’t mean to hurt you,
But this is how I show you that I care.

Why do you hurt the ones you love?
Why do you treat me so two-faced?
How can I trust you
When your messages are so deeply mixed?

I need a break from you
And take some time to think things through.
I can’t stand your hypocrisy,
Speaking of love with such insincerity.

Please don’t leave me be,
I have no self-control.
Believe me when I say, my love,
This is how I give my heart to you

I don’t want your heart, my dear,
When it’s seeped so deep in madness.
Why should I have to suffer so
And follow you in sadness?

You belong to me, dear child.
I’ll demand you to respect me.
You can’t live without me for
I’ll surely loose the last straw without you.

You cannot demand respect,
It is only rightfully earned.
I don’t need you though
It’ll pain my heart to be on my own.

You can’t leave me, baby.
We live in contradiction.
You know you love me so
Even if my mood should change.

It’s true I love you, but
Loving you shouldn’t be like this.
I’m not running away,
I support you even while I’m not around.

I cannot help myself;
I act this way for you.
I need to keep you by my watch
Else my worries fly all astray.

A bird bound wants to be free
But may fly back to you;
I ought to help myself first
Before I can point the way for you.

But I need you here beside me.
I trust you not on your own.
My fear and anger multiplies
And I’m afraid I’ll go insane.

I’m not falling with you to madness.
I can stand up for myself.
Vent your fears and anger elsewhere
For even the greatest love is tainted by abuse.