What is Power?

Power is always confused with Energy which is the ability to do work. In Electrical Calculation, energy = power x time. In other word, power the the rate of energy consumption per unit time. If a lot of energy is consumed in a very short period of time, this is the POWER! A lot of energy generated by the power generator in short period of time, the generator have to be very powerful. Power is like the explosion of energy and this is why most people confused with energy and thinking that power is energy. This is why when we see explosion, we see the power, and do not forget that it is related to time.

Energy is also related to force and very often when when we see a strong person, we say that he is energetic. Energy produces force because energy is abiltiy to get work done. Work done is product of force and distance. The force is that it overcomes the frictional force and moves the mass or object over a distance.

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What will happens if there is no frictional force? Then the famous equation F=Ma is used. This equation said that without frictional force, the force will be driving the mass M to accelerate. The letter a stands for acceleration. This is what the classical mechanics failed because no mass or matter can accelerate without limit because Einstein proved that the velocity of light is the limit. Photon travels at light speed and no other matter can exceed the speed of light. But the equation F=Ma said that a=F/M which can push any matter to accelerate and keeping the acceleration means the final speed can be infinite and that is a NO NO!. Well we may have overlooked the equation that acceleration a depends on force and mass and at the speed close to velocity of light, the mass can be changed to prohibit the applied force to accelerate further. As matter gains energy, mass increases.

Einstein also related mass with energy in his famous equation E=Mc2.

So we can see Energy is the fundamental quantity. Energy produces forces to do work. Energy is created in form of mass M. Energy can be in form of heat, light, sound or others. We also know that the smallest particles such as atoms, protons, neutrons and others that may subject to decay. By losing mass, radiated energy will go somewhere.

Do we argue about forces produce energies or energies produce forces. Do we have the power to create matter or things?